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Volunteering Projects in Vietnam

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You can become involved in children’s aid and education projects in Vietnam. This program has something to suit all skills and experience levels.
You have the opportunity to work in the Children’s Program with orphans, street children and children with disabilities or in the English Teaching Program with children.
While sharing your knowledge and compassion you will gain an in-depth experience of the country and its culture that will stay with you the rest of your life.

Children's Program
Volunteers have the opportunity to work with orphans, street children, and mentally/physically disabled children in a variety of different orphanages, schools, daycare and social support centers. Many children are parentless or have been abandoned as their parents cannot afford to provide for them. These kids need love, attention, education and life skills to ensure they have a future free from poverty. Volunteers are needed to assist by caring for babies, teaching basic English, arts ‘n’ crafts, music, sports, and healthcare. Volunteers will also have a chance to assist with physiotherapy at the disabled orphanages.
Special need: In the orphanages and support centers there are many children who suffer from mental and physical disabilities. There is a great need for qualified physiotherapists, occupational therapists, behavioral therapists, play therapists, doctors, nurses, and other professionals with medical qualifications. There is also a need for volunteers who know sign language or have artistic skills to work in a School for Deaf Children.

Teaching English for children.
There is an free English class for children who have only had the chance to learn English from a local Vietnamese teacher, who is responsible for many children. Volunteers from English speaking countries are needed to assist Vietnamese teachers to teach the children correct English pronunciation and conversational skills as it is considered a valuable asset. Please note that if you wish to volunteer in teaching English you will be teaching English to 9-11 year olds as a part of the Children's Program.
You will have the choice of either leading your own class or assisting a local teacher in his or her daily lessons. Your placement is completely dependent upon your level of comfort within the classroom. Depending upon your educational background, you may also want to teach art or help in other subject areas and activities that may be occurring at the school during you service.
Volunteers mainly help in improving the English speaking skills of the children and also teach them in a play way method by singing songs and dancing.
In Vietnam, the English language is considered as a gateway to the students' future and a chance to escape poverty. Effective use of the English language will provide students with confidence and improve their future employment opportunities.
Volunteers in the Teaching program are not required to be a qualified Teacher or have any previous teaching experience. All we ask is that you give 100% effort and enthusiasm in your work with the children.
‘In Vietnam, if you can speak English you can teach English.’ Vietnam partner.



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